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Baths and Spa


Baths and Spa

The Pampering

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Welcome to Ga’ash Baths and Spa

About Hamei Ga’ash

Welcome to Ga’ash Baths and Spa, a natural jewel, just a hot stone’s throw away.

In the heart of green expanses, in a pastoral setting, a soothing experience awaits you, bringing indulgence and tranquillity for body and soul. We invite you to take a break from life’s rat race, and to enjoy a day of indulgence and tranquillity. We consider each and every one of you as our personal guests, and it is important to us that you feel at home, to make the right start to a wonderful friendship.

Yours, the staff and management of Ga’ash Baths and Spa

A world of indulgence for body and soul

  • Four pools with warm thermo-mineral water at temperatures of 36° – 40°.
  • The amazing “Jet Pool” that gives your body a perfect massage, with sixty jets streaming thermo-mineral water from the heart of the earth.
  • Hydro-massage – 14 strong, hydro-massage jets from streams of minerals, salt and sulphur, involatile to the calming, therapeutic effect on the skin.
  • “Ga’ash Baths and Spa”: a Spa Centre with fifteen treatment rooms.
  • Dry sauna and wet sauna.
  • A swimming pool with refreshing waterfalls and “Jet Corners” for an indulgent massage  (in the summer).
  • A new paddling pool for toddlers (in the summer).
  • “Nostalgia” Mediterranean meat restaurant (kosher).
  • “Nature’s Spa” shop.

Here’s what you’ll find at our center

The Baths

It is astounding to discover that right next to the big city, natural, warm springs bubble up from the heart of the earth. A mere 12 minutes from Tel Aviv and you are in Israel’s largest spa park, just like a European “Bath & Spa”. In the park, you can enjoy: four natural pools, rich in minerals and salts, designed and styled to European standards.

The pools are surrounded by large windows that let in light and the greenery, the natural pools hold warm water at different temperatures, with dozens of jets streaming out of the sides and the floor of the pool, and which give a calming, therapeutic effect, invigorates the skin, and creates tranquillity and equilibrium that are so vital to the health of both body and soul.

Entrance Price List 2023

Weekdays (Sunday – Thursday)
Friday, Saturday and Holidays
AdultNIS 115NIS 125
Senior CitizensNIS 100NIS 110
Child / StudentNIS 100NIS 110
Soldier / National ServiceNIS 75NIS 75
Last 3 hoursNIS 80NIS 80
LockerNIS 17NIS 17
RobeNIS 30NIS 30
TowelNIS 17NIS 17
Composition of the water
Ga’ash 2 drilling
Mg per litre of water
20,844Chloride Cl
12,000Sodium Na
1,100Magnesium Mg
925Calcium Ca
350Potassium K
62Barium Ba
20Strontium Sr
1.1Sulphide S
20Silicon SiO2
Barium Ba
3.4Boron B
2.7Iron Fe

The Spa
Ga’ash Baths and Spa – Perfect Indulgence!

In the midst of a pastoral, rustic atmosphere, Ga’ash Baths and Spa is situated – a Treatment Centre of tranquillity and indulgence for body and soul. The spa is located in an attractive building, with fifteen magical rooms, each one a bubble of tranquillity and indulgence that allows you to cut yourself off from the world. Pastoral atmosphere, green lawns all around, the calming trickle of water and the of the world of tranquillity in the air.

All that’s left for you to do  is to select the treatment that your body craves, and our skilled team of therapists will take you to the perfect world of Nirvana and release. The spa offers a wide range of body massages and treatments.

Spa Package Prices 2024
Entrance + meal (without dessert)NIS 170
Entrance + massage (30 mins)NIS 330NIS 350
Entrance + massage (45 mins)NIS 380NIS 400
Entrance + massage (60 mins)NIS 430NIS 450
Entrance + meal + massage (30 mins)NIS 435NIS 455
Entrance + meal + massage (45 mins) NIS 465NIS 485
Entrance + meal + massage (60 mins) NIS 515NIS 535

The Restaurants

“Nostalgia” kosher restaurant – indulge your body, and, at the same time, indulge your palate. Perfect indulgence means that you do not have to leave the “Ga’ash Baths and Spa” park. We have even thought of your culinary indulgence…..

“Nostalgia”, our kosher meat restaurant, offers a varied, rich meat menu, from 12.00 noon until approximately two hours before the park closes. A selection of meat and fish dishes, alongside a rich menu of side dishes and surprisingly healthy salads.

A light snack between meals? Ga’ash Baths and Spa’s dairy café will indulge you with sandwiches made on the spot, natural fruit juices, hot and cold drinks, fresh pastries, refreshing, healthy salads and much more.

Park Opening Times

Park Opening Times

The park’s opening times are subject to change.
Before setting out, please check on 09-952-9404
The summer swimming pool and the paddling pool are open in the summer.

Rules of Behaviour in the Park

  • Bathing only with a swimsuit
  • Do not stay in the water for more than 10 minutes at a time
  • Rest for 20 minutes between each time that you enter the water
  • The visitor is exclusively responsible for himself while bathing
  • prohibited to bring glass utensils, alcoholic beverages, hookahs, seed and nut snacks and electrical appliances into the park. 
  • Smoking is prohibited in closed places.
  • Bathing is prohibited for pregnant women, those with open or suppurating wounds and those taking antibiotics.
  • Those with heart disease and hypertension should consult a doctor before bathing. In any doubt, consult a doctor.
  • colour, permanent waves and jewellery might be damaged in the water.
  • management is not responsible for the visitors’ equipment. Do not light fires in the park.
  • Do not light fires in the park.

The Good Life Channel – Ga’ash Baths and Spa

The secret is out! But, nevertheless, there are still a few who have not yet discovered one of the most magical places in Israel. Just a 12 minute drive from Tel Aviv, and you have arrived at a real natural jewel, almost unparalleled in Israel – Kibbutz Ga’ash’s natural hot springs. The park is there for those who want to relax, switch off, renovate themselves, to treat body and soul and to enjoy a magical, tranquil, indulgent and healthy experience.

For reservations call 09-9529404 or leave details and we will get back to you soon.